The Best Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Careful consideration is needed when it comes to your commercial kitchen flooring, compared to a domestic kitchen it is subject to much tougher conditions and needs to be durable, non-slip (for safety of your staff), long lasting and be able to withstand very high temperatures if spillages occur.

The most common types of flooring

  • Vinyl flooring
  • Ceramic floor tiles
  • Stone floor tiles
  • Brick pavers

Each one has it’s own benefits, but it is important to understand which commercial kitchen flooring option will be best for your restaurant kitchen.

Vinyl Flooring

The use of vinyl flooring is one of the most common in a commercial environment. It is all the things we have mentioned above, tough, durable, resistant to high temperatures, low-maintenance, and a relatively cost effective solution.  A vinyl floor is generally easier on the feet of your staff as it is soft and pliable so will take on the properties of the underlying floor. The added benefit of a vinyl floor is the possibility to add a soft underlay to increase comfort for chefs, who spend long hours on their feet.

A vinyl floor is generally laid as sheets rather than tiles, this reduces the number of joins required, making it a safer option within the kitchen environment. 

It isn’t the most ‘attractive’ option but it is by far one of the cheapest options available.

Ceramic floor tiles

If you are looking for a commercial kitchen flooring solution that is stain, water and intense heat resistant then the ceramic floor tile is the one for you! Ceramic floor tiles are generally more expensive than the vinyl option but if your commercial kitchen is on show to the public the tile is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Finished with a glass glaze the ceramic tiles have additional benefits for hygiene and safety and of course, they come in a number of colours and designs, making your floor a work of art, just as much as the rest of the kitchen!

Stone floor tiles

Who doesn’t love a stone floor? But, how do you know if it’s right for your kitchen? To prevent slipping you must ensure you have a tile that is relatively abrasive, some stone tiles are brushed or in order to provide extra traction for feet. A stone tile can become a fundamental part of an open kitchen look and feel, with slate or granite being the most popular choices as they are highly stain and water resistant, as well as being super easy to clean.

A stone floor is the more expensive option but, overall, can give you a finish that is second to none!

Finally, the funky brick paver

Rich in colour and texture brick pavers are the ideal flooring solution for cafes and delis where your customers can see into your food preparation area.  They are highly resistant to heat and extremely durable and can be fitted throughout your area and along walls to complete your desired design.  On installation brick pavers need to be sealed to keep out moisture, they can also be treated with a wax coating for extra protection will promote longevity.

There is a lot to think about! Ultimately if your kitchen is not visible to the public a vinyl flooring option is the most cost effective and will tick all the necessary boxes.  For commercial kitchens or cafes/delis that can be seen by the public a more aesthetically pleasing option is the way forward, creating the right environment to ensure your customers return (as well as serving outstanding food that they can’t resist!)

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