Essential Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Whether you’re in the process of designing a cafe bar, or new kitchen for your restaurant you’ll need equipment. We’ve put together this list of essential commercial kitchen equipment to help you plan and design the commercial kitchen of your dreams while following legislation and guidelines. Regulations & Legislation Food premises must be of a […]

Unmanned Micro-Stores – The Future Of Workplace Catering

Unmanned micro-stores are making an appearance throughout businesses across the globe for a reason. If you want to offer more than the traditional vending machine to your team of staff, but don’t have the budget to staff a catering outlet then an unmanned micro store could be the perfect solution for you. What is an […]

The Best Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Careful consideration is needed when it comes to your commercial kitchen flooring, compared to a domestic kitchen it is subject to much tougher conditions and needs to be durable, non-slip (for safety of your staff), long lasting and be able to withstand very high temperatures if spillages occur. The most common types of flooring Vinyl […]

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation And Why It’s So Important.

We spend a large proportion of our time in our work place environment, working in a commercial kitchen you probably spend more time in the kitchen than you do at home! So it’s really important to make sure your commercial kitchen is a clean, healthy and happy environment for all. We have previously looked at […]

Restaurant Space – Creating The Perfect Dining Experience!

When it comes to your restaurant re-design and fit out it is our job to help make recommendations about the best use of space within your premises but there are some standard guidelines that you need to consider before making your final decisions about the layout of your dining room. It is important to remember […]

Big Food Industry Changes By 2020

Consumers driving change and regulators getting stricter – the changing landscape of the food industry. We are all very aware of the food we are consuming these days when dining out, scares in the news about what exactly we are eating has driven the consumer to drive change within the industry, none of us want […]

Sustainable, Energy Efficient Commercial Kitchens

Creating a more energy efficient environment is at the forefront of all business and the catering industry is no different – especially as it is a ‘high energy usage’ industry. As the cost of energy and water increase the impact on catering businesses is hitting hard, the only solution moving forward is to reduce consumption […]

Principle Designer

We’ve covered the role and duties of the principle contractor, now it’s time to look at the principle designers position where there is more than one contractor involved on your construction project. The principle designer is an individual or organisation employed by the Client to manage the pre-construction phase of your project. They play an […]

More Than One Contractor Working For You? You Need A Principle Contractor!

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 stipulate that you must have a Principle Contractor for your construction job if it involves more than one contractor on the project. What is a principle contractor? A principle contractor is someone who is appointed in writing by the Client, during the construction phase of a project involving […]

Explosion In The Catering Industry, The Mobile App Steps Up.

The last few years have seen the mobile market explode, almost all businesses have or are considering a mobile app to help the growth of their business, from boosting sales to brand recognition to rewarding customer loyalty. The catering industry is not an exception, with restaurants offering mobile booking apps and offering unique voucher codes […]