Commercial Kitchen Ventilation And Why It’s So Important.

We spend a large proportion of our time in our work place environment, working in a commercial kitchen you probably spend more time in the kitchen than you do at home! So it’s really important to make sure your commercial kitchen is a clean, healthy and happy environment for all. We have previously looked at the working space in your kitchen, we now look at commercial kitchen ventilation systems and why they are so important.

Firstly, it is important to remember that a good ventilation system will improve the longevity of your kitchen and also ensures the health and safety of staff.

A commercial kitchen has to deal with a huge amount of heat – due to different cooking techniques and the large amounts of food being produced, if the kitchen is not properly ventilated, heat, grease and smoke can cause real health hazards, as they build up.

Gas burners create nitrogen dioxide (NO2), carbon monoxide (CO), particulate matter (PM), whilst frying produces acrolein ((toxic and a strong irritant for the skin, eyes, and nose) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (numerous associations with adverse health), and large amounts of ultrafine (<0.1 ?m) particles which may be extremely harmful if your environment and surrounding area is not ventilated properly.

Benefits of installing quality ventilation in a commercial kitchen:

Health and safety

As part of health and safety within your commercial kitchen it is necessary to “provide
effective and suitable ventilation in every enclosed workplace.” If it is found that you do not comply with these regulations your kitchen will be closed down. At Ceba we will ensure that your commercial ventilation system complies with all current legislation ensuring you adhere with all health and safety regulations in place.

Air quality improvements

The job of a ventilation systems is to remove irritants from the air and control the temperature inside the kitchen, having a quality, functional ventilation system will not only improve the quality of air in the kitchen but will also ensure diners are comfortable and not exposed to any harmful particles or undesirable smells.

Grease Removal

Fried food can mean sticky walls and surfaces!

Grease evaporates and becomes airborne, depositing itself on walls and ceilings leaving a sticky unhygienic residue which can cause major problems with food safety. A commercial kitchen ventilation system helps to remove these particles from the air providing a safer and cleaner kitchen environment.

Odour Control

No one like s a smelly kitchen or restaurant!!

A properly installed kitchen ventilation system will help reduce and prevent odours from affecting the working environment and stop particles from travelling through the premises to the dining area.

For more information on ventilation in kitchens download the HSE information sheet here