Interior Design Trends 2018

Are your interior design choices on trend for 2018? Trends chop and change all the time and part of the fun of following them is seeing what is coming up next. We’ve put together this quick guide to the up and coming interior design trends 2018 to help you with some tough design choices.

Spring / Summer Interior Design Trends 2018

SS18 is all about neon and tropical incorporated pieces. Think palm tree prints, neon signs, tropical birds and intense colour. If you’re looking to inject some fun into your design, play around with ‘millennial pink’ and giant clashing print. You can also include some plants in your interior design process.


Another way to design with interior design trends 2018  in mind is with the use of Monochromatic Colour. Simply fill spaces with your chosen Pantone. This theme can be changed slightly throughout rooms, perhaps with a blue dining space and green or white bathroom spaces. Plastic, chrome and glass furniture work beautifully with these SS18 themes.


Autumn / Winter Interior Design Trends 2018

Autumn Winter 2018 is all about earthy tones. If the bright monochromatic, neon, tropical colours of SS18 aren’t for you – then get ready to embrace the earthy tones of AW18. Think terracotta, browns, mustards, greys, blues and emerald greens. Tiles work beautifully with this theme, so you can incorporate them into your flooring or wall designs. Plenty of plants, natural wood and leather furniture finish off this look beautifully.

To add some texture to this style, you can think about adding natural stone surfaces like granite, marble and slate. Be sure to make the most of any natural light you have at your disposal. Feel free to combine some industrial accessories with your earthy decor for a nice balance, these can be in the form of lighting fixtures and photo frames. Or balance the earthy theme with accessories made of natural materials like straw.