NATS – Going Live

After a two week program NATS goes live! – March 2015

The catering team at NATS together with EMCOR requested a new look central island facility, Needing CEBA to provide a new design that offered a New Floor,  Deli Counters with a creative hot hand held snacks area, Coffee bar with Patisserie and Staff Beverage area. We partnered up with EMCOR to ensure all services were positioned accurately which allowed for the new floor to conceal the existing positions.  We designed a innovative island pod in the existing location, challenged by designing it around structural pillars, our circular design provided a flexible working/retail platform to meet the needs of the business and increased the retail display space dramatically.  In addition to the new central island counter we re-laminated the existing hot counters to match the new and introduced a separate Grab & Go pod comprising of a Williams Gem multi-deck with associated retail shelving. The photos below show the journey and the completed scheme.


Photo 2 Photo 4 Photo 5 Photo 7 IMG_20150304_105028 IMG_20150304_105055 IMG_20150304_105127 IMG_20150304_105651 IMG_20150304_110023 IMG_20150304_110047 IMG_20150304_110118 IMG_20150304_111508 IMG_20150304_111516 IMG_20150304_112031 IMG_20150304_112654 IMG_20150304_112856 IMG_20150304_112956