Giving you the perfect design for your commercial kitchen, restaurant or cafe.


The perfect commercial kitchen, bar or restaurant design is imperative for creating a successful safe, efficient and profitable consumables business. At Ceba we pride ourselves on our talent to deliver the most suitable design for your requirements.

We make the whole process from design to installation as simple as possible, ensuring you have a dedicated Ceba designer to provide you with the perfect design specification. Your designer and planner will work with you throughout the project and we have in-house expertise on hand to help create the perfect environment for whatever look and feel you are trying to achieve. Tying in multiple aspects of a café or restaurant can be a tricky process and can have a serious effect on the overall appearance, feel and sometimes the success of a design.

Using the latest in Autodesk software, Revit, your project manager will provide you with 3D visuals of initial concept designs and layout, created by our in-house design team.  The concept designs allow you to ‘step in’ to your project and feedback any alterations before a single penny has been spent.  3D visuals can be priceless in communicating a concept but more importantly bring it to life.


overhead concept restaurant design Coffee shop design concept - seating area restaurant design concept for Swiss Re Seating area design concept cafe Circular Counter bar design  design concept for seating area of a restaurant kitchen design concept Coffee Bar design concept cooking area design concept cafe design concept Deli & Coffee Area design concept Proposed Deli & Coffee servery & Seating Area proposed design


When considering your kitchen design requirements the key areas to consider are:

Budget: The key to any successful project! By providing an accurate and defined budget our kitchen design team can assess what will and won’t work for your desired design. By having the budget agreed and signed off at the start of the project it will help to bring the project in on time.

Available Space: In areas with limited space, we will look at the best use of the working area to ensure you don’t have any wasted space.

Food Service: It is important to understand the use of the food service area, considering numbers being served and service style i.e self service / cafe style service / plated service and menu options.

Other considerations:

  • Health and safety regulations.
  • Equipment specification.
  • Available power supplies.


Don’t forget, planning permission will need to be acquired.