Unmanned Micro-Stores – The Future Of Workplace Catering

Unmanned micro-stores are making an appearance throughout businesses across the globe for a reason. If you want to offer more than the traditional vending machine to your team of staff, but don’t have the budget to staff a catering outlet then an unmanned micro store could be the perfect solution for you.

What is an unmanned micro-store?

An unmanned micro store is essentially a high-bred of a traditional vending service and fully manned catering facilities that you often come across in office blocks and on site at work. The layout of the store is completely unique, based on your requirements. We offer various displays for a variety of products, including refrigerated & hot areas for food & drink, hot beverage dispensers, ambient retail space and areas for storing fresh fruit. Once your team has walked through the store selecting what they require, they will find themselves at the pay station, where they scan and pay for items via credit card much like you do at self-service checkouts in supermarkets.

What can be sold in unmanned micro-stores?

You can stock your micro store with whatever you wish! We can provide units with areas for chilled, hot and ambient products. You can also stock non-perishable items should you wish.

What are the benefits of unmanned micro-stores?

The main benefit of unmanned stores to your team is the fact stores can be open and accessible 24/7, meaning the post-lunch slump can be fixed with a delicious fresh coffee and the team on overtime this week can treat themselves to a little something when the rest of the building have gone home. As long as the store is stocked, it can be open as long as it’s needed. The main benefit to businesses are the limited resources required to manage the store. Meaning higher profit margins on sales and lower running costs.


The great news is that an unmanned micro store can be designed easily to fit any reasonable space. Installation requirements are minimal and easy. Your new unit will be prepared and built off site and delivered then installed by us. The next step will be to prepare the area for the install, we will deal with every aspect of the installation and work with your till provider to ensure our units accommodate all the necessary hardware for you to create the pay station.

Interested in learning more about micro-stores do not hesitate to contact our team here info@cebasolutions.co.uk.


Unmanned micro-stores example installation