Transformation of our clients' old traditional deli bar and storeroom to create a brand new space for dining.


We have been working on this project since 2018 with FIL based in Tadworth (Kingwood) and their appointed architects. We have transformed their old traditional Deli Bar and storeroom and created a brand-new space.

Scope of Works:

  • New deli bar kitchen & hospitality pantry
  • New island coffee bar and deli.
  • New retail & recycling units
  • New island server

The open-plan central island offers:
A unique coffee bar with Mod-Bar coffee fonts. This system is designed for the machinery element required to make coffee, is positioned under the worktop.

  • Juice and smoothie section with blender and juicer
  • Ambient food display
  • Hot food display
  • Food display areas that can be either hot or cold
  • Deli display case and chopping boards
  • High-speed panini machines
  • Frost top display
  • Inset soup kettles
  • Undercounter refrigeration and ice machines.