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Archives: Case Studies

This is the Case Study section

Restaurant Design and Fit-Out

4 Apr 2024

We recently completed a restaurant design and fit-out of a new facility for a leading aerospace and defence manufacturer and service provider. The bold interior design features an open-plan layout centred around a prominent coffee bar and hot food counter area and the use of brand colours throughout the area.

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New Catering Facilities for OVO Energy

18 Jan 2022

Our brief was to design and install new catering facilities for OVO Energy which were to include a new café barista coffee and hot snacks area. We were also to include the design and installation of 24hr self-service market areas

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Cafe Re-Design and Enlarge for RNIB.

17 Jan 2022

We were invited back to re-design and enlarge the existing café for RNIB. Our brief was to enlarge the existing café space, reduce the size of the current reception desk & make it welcoming to students, gym members & the local community.

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Transformation Of Deli Bar And Storeroom

18 Aug 2020

We have been working on this project since 2018 with FIL based in Tadworth (Kingwood) and their appointed architects. We have transformed their old traditional deli bar and storeroom and created a brand-new space.

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