A person who feels appreciated will always do more than expected. In an ever-changing work environment, employers are starting to realise that well treated, well-valued staff will perform their roles better and stick with a job longer than employees who are overworked and under-appreciated.

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If you want to increase team productivity at work, you can consider building or re-designing a break-out area for your staff.

There are many ways to increase team productivity at work, but the easiest and most efficient way is to encourage regular breaks. Regular breaking doesn’t have to mean less work, in fact, regular breaks increase team productivity, but how does that work and why will a fresh break space help?

Popping away from our desks for 5 minutes to grab a well-earned tea or coffee allows a fresh perspective on tasks, meaning we return to our station with a head full of new creative ideas!

Having a space to take a break, is also great for the entire team’s health. Encouraging movement by people needing to get up and walk to a designated area. Moving throughout the day leads to better blood circulation in our bodies, including our organs which will, in turn, increase team productivity.

We recently completed a new health bar & cafe space for Man Group. The project was to transform existing facilities into a brand new health bar and create a separate cade & deli bar for the client.

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Encouraging staff to ‘down tools’ for a few minutes and look away from screens or tasks reduces the risks of eyestrain and causes less distraction throughout the day. When you know you can stop for a small 5-minute break, you are more likely to give your full attention to the task at hand. Especially in the afternoon when your mind is prone to wandering.

Stress levels at work are significantly reduced by taking breaks, even more so when you can take your break in beautiful surroundings. A designated, well-designed break space can help staff fully take advantage of the time they have stopped for. Removing themselves from the temptation of continuing to work when they should be taking a moment for themselves.

Ceba Solutions were invited to improve the restaurant and coffee bar design for Simmons & Simmons, a world class law firm in London.

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Your staff can also use a break space to converse with other members of the team. Seeking advice from one another, sharing experiences and wisdom can spark new ideas to bring to the worktable. Providing a beautiful break space also gives everyone an opportunity to refuel. When stocked with healthy options for the staff to choose from, they can use their break to snack on brain foods that can improve performance.

Speak to our team about providing a break space for your team here.