Is your commercial kitchen ready for a busy summer? Now is the perfect time to take a look at your catering operation to see if any areas need a refresh before the busy summer period begins.

Have you stood back and looked at the efficiency of your restaurant/cafe recently?

Are you busier than anticipated and your kitchen is struggling to cope with all the additional covers?

If you feel your restaurant kitchen is underperforming and your efficiency isn’t as good as it should be then maybe it’s time for a re-design. A commercial kitchen re-design will highlight and identify issues that can be solved during the design process, this does not need to be a complete overhaul of your existing kitchen, sometimes making a few adjustments can improve the efficiency of your space. Adapting your catering facilities in any way is an investment in your business so you want to ensure that you are making the right changes.

Is preparation space a problem?

Having enough space to deal with increasing covers is always a big problem but if you are restricted with the space you have, then how is it possible to create much-needed preparation space? 

There are a few ways to overcome space issues –  we recommend investing and incorporating multi-functional, space-saving catering equipment this will help to free up space for additional preparation areas and help to save on your costs (newer equipment functions more efficiently). 

Consider vertical storage/moveable shelves and racks for storage of equipment and ingredients so there is no clutter in your preparation space, giving you more room to get those all-important covers completed quickly and efficiently.

When it comes to the back of house, efficient use of space is key both in terms of equipment that is multifunctional and where this equipment will reside in comparison to other areas. It is important that you identify what catering equipment will be most beneficial to your business – when working with Ceba, we will make sure we recommend the most suitable equipment that will not only help with the efficiency of your working kitchen but will be robust and long-lasting.  We supply a wide range of catering equipment, using only tried and tested suppliers, who can demonstrate a high level of service and quality products. We make sure all catering equipment supplied is competitively priced, however, we will not compromise in terms of efficiency and reliability when it comes to providing you with equipment that needs to perform.

Future-proofing and planning.

No matter the size of your re-design it is crucial that you get the design right! Careful planning during the design stage allows potential issues to be identified and then solved. Looking at all aspects of the design from spatial planning and interior design to the design of food service and kitchen areas means you are future-proofing your commercial kitchen so that any designs for your kitchen and front of house will grow with you and your business plans – in theory, meaning any future required changes, due to an increase in covers or expansion, are easier to manage and adapt to as they have already been considered and prepared for.