With the fitness industry booming private clubs, sports centres and fitness facilities have ramped up their kitchen designs – the gym culture has changed dramatically over the years and is now a place to work out, hang out and chill out and enjoy some tasty delights from their cafe and kitchen menus.

‘There are now over 9.7 million fitness members in the UK which have boosted the penetration rate to an all-time high of 14.9%. 1 in every 7 people in the UK is a member of a gym.’ *

The traditional Spa environment has always been a huge success, with people attending for a day or overnight to indulge in a bit of pampering and delicious food but the ‘everyday’ gym goer is demanding more from their facilities, they want the latest cool food fads and an area to enjoy some down time – this means that these fitness facilities are now having to deal with food in the same way as restaurants and cafes, they are having to buy in kitchen equipment and consider their kitchen designs to adequately prepare and serve food to their members and are even having to recruit specialist chefs to respond to the demands of trending diets.

We love some of the local gyms in the area, we love checking out what they have on their menus to offer their members but we mainly love, checking out the spaces and kitchen designs they have created to entice people through the door.

Breathe Studios, Farnham, Surrey

We love this little boutique gym that can be found in the centre of Farnham town. More like a fancy industrial unit they smash all things gym related and offer up some fun with glow in the dark yoga events! The cafe, Nourish Kitchen….yes, that’s what we are talking about, super healthy and homemade natural protein bars, salads, smoothies and wraps. Their packaging is made from plants, not plastic. Cutlery, water cups, salad boxes, breakfast pot tubs and napkins are made from renewable sources and are completely compostable. Designed with an industrial feel, natural woods and industrial lighting, you would definitely be more than happy perched on a stool after or even before your work out sampling their tasty goods!

David Lloyd, Farnham, Surrey

Just wow! This place has everything you need, a great indoor and outdoor eating space, a cool, calm relaxed atmosphere in a modern and exposed building just outside of the town in Farnham. These guys have gone full monty with this incredible facility, housing a state of the art gym, Amida Spa, outside and indoor pools and hot tubs, you could be happy working out, working and chilling here.

The DLicious Bar offers healthy snacks and meals from breakfast to lunch and dinner – they have even created individual booths if you are there to work so you have your privacy. The outside design is reflected inside with a cool, calm modern environment with booths and tables to suit all members.

ROKO Club, Portsmouth

The fully licences Members Club Lounge is in the perfect location, parents can grab a coffee, alcoholic beverage and tasty healthy treat, whilst watching the kiddies in the pool.
Revamped in 2014 ROKO has an extensive menu of hot and cold food, with the menu outlining nutritional information you need for a healthy balanced diet, or at least to know what you need to burn off during your next gym session!