In 2021 it was announced that a new Food Waste Legislation would be put in place to stop food going to waste. Astonishingly, nearly 10million tonnes of food goes to waste in our country every year! We thought we would share a few tips on how to get your business ready ahead of the legislation kicking off this year. But no date has been announced just yet.

Avoid over buying
Suppliers can tempt you into buying more than you need with money saving incentives, but all that unused food will need to be properly disposed once the legislation is in place, and that too costs money.

Sell/donate your excess food on apps like Too Good To Go or Olio
Too Good To Go is a brilliant app that allows customers to buy food going out of date that day for a reduced price. Businesses offer customers a selection of food or ‘surprise bags’ to pick up at the end of the working day. Whereas Olio is a great option for restaurants, cafes and supermarkets to give food away. You can be specific with collection times for customers to make drop-ins manageable.

Store food correctly
Check your fridge and freezer temperatures frequently as dials and settings can be changed too easily or by accident. Make sure food is stored in clean environments and covered properly.

Keep an eye on what’s coming back into the kitchen
Is an unexpected side salad coming back untouched or are plates coming back with piles of chips uneaten? Maybe the new style of slaw is being sent back as customers don’t enjoy the new flavour. Take note of what isn’t getting eaten so that you can reassess portion sizes and dishes.

Look at your food recycling options
Could you install composting bins if space allows? Or is a separate food bin and waste collection the best solution for your business? Companies like WasteManaged will collect your food waste and transport it to a treatment facility which converts your waste into biofuel and fertiliser for farms.

Ask your customers to take it away
Doggie bags! There is no shame in taking it away anymore. Encourage customers to bring their own food tubs to keep costs down.

Being proactive in implementing new ideas to deal with waste will help your business not only comply with the upcoming Food Waste Legislation but also contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious country.