Since 1987, Ceba Solutions has led the way in commercial kitchen design and installation. Our extensive experience spans the hospitality, care industry, educational sectors and many more, providing top-tier commercial kitchen solutions with innovative and creative ideas for efficient commercial kitchens.

Industries We Work With


From independent eateries to fine dining establishments, we provide bespoke commercial kitchen solutions that enhance efficiency, safety, and customer experience.

Schools & Colleges

Our designs for educational institutions focus on safety, efficiency, and the ability to handle large volumes of food preparation and service. We ensure compliance with all safety regulations and optimise the kitchen space for various meal services.


We design hotel kitchens that are energy-efficient and capable of handling multiple service demands, from breakfast buffets to late-night room service. Our comprehensive design and installation services ensure a smooth-running kitchen and compliance with all safety regulations.

Care Homes

Specialised kitchen designs that meet the unique needs of care homes, focusing on safety, accessibility, and efficient food service. Our solutions include ergonomic kitchen layouts and energy-efficient cooking equipment to support the specific requirements of care facilities.

Bars & Pubs

Tailored bar and kitchen designs that maximise space and improve hygiene, ensuring a unique front-of-house experience. Our solutions include commercial kitchen extraction systems and innovative storage space solutions to enhance workflow.

Corporate & Leisure

We design kitchens for corporate offices and leisure facilities that support diverse menu offerings and efficient service. Our commercial kitchen designers incorporate innovative and creative ideas to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your kitchen space.

Catering & Events

We create flexible kitchen solutions for catering companies and event venues, ensuring seamless service and food quality. Our designs incorporate ample kitchen space for food prep areas and efficient commercial kitchen layouts.

Food Manufacturers

We provide food manufacturers with well thought out commercial kitchen spaces which allow them to produce products as efficiently as possible. Our experienced team are able to guide you through the process from design, to supply and installation.

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Why Use Ceba Solutions

Operating across the UK, Ceba Solutions is a specialist commercial kitchen designer. Our skilled team delivers bespoke designs for commercial kitchens, restaurants, bars, and cafes, ensuring optimal functionality and efficiency. We provide tailored solutions, focusing on kitchen layout, food prep areas, and energy efficiency.

We specialise in commercial kitchen design, supply and install from refurbishment, green-field projects and high-quality catering equipment. We pride ourselves on working in partnership, building our client relationships and providing  specialist support all the way through the schedule. We believe that instilling confidence is the key to success, and our highly trained team reinforce that assurance.

Our work has transformed the kitchens and eateries of some of the best-known companies and organisations in the UK. From the initial concept right through to when the final product warranty expires, Ceba Solutions is there every step of the way providing the best foodservice solution for you. We excel in designing a commercial kitchen that maximises space and improves efficiency, whilst adhering to (and often exceeding) all safety regulations.

Innovative and Creative Ideas

Our team provides creative ideas for commercial kitchen layouts that improve efficiency and functionality.

Comprehensive Design Process

We manage every aspect of the design process, from initial consultation to final installation, ensuring a seamless experience.

Energy Efficiency and Safety

We prioritise energy efficiency and adhere to all safety regulations to create a safe and cost-effective kitchen environment.

Custom Solutions

Bespoke commercial kitchen solutions tailored to the specific needs of your industry, ensuring maximum efficiency and compliance with industry standards.

Our Commercial Kitchen Design Process

At Ceba Solutions, our commercial kitchen design process is meticulously planned to ensure efficient and innovative kitchen spaces for restaurants, hotels, and catering businesses. From design consultation to end-of-project we’re with you every step of the way.

  • Discuss your restaurant or food business needs.
  • Understand your menu requirements, workflow, and any specific site restrictions.
  • Plan for necessary planning permissions and site evaluations.

  • Create detailed commercial kitchen layouts using 3D visualisations.
  • Ensure the layout maximises kitchen space and adheres to safety regulations.
  • Incorporate ample kitchen space for food prep areas and storage space.

  • Recommend the best catering equipment and kitchen equipment for your needs.
  • Focus on energy-efficient solutions like induction systems and combi ovens.
  • Plan for commercial kitchen extraction and ventilation systems.

  • Manage the entire installation process, ensuring minimal disruption.
  • Provide project management services to oversee every aspect of the installation.
  • Ensure the design and installation services comply with all regulations.

  • Offer ongoing support and maintenance for installed equipment.
  • Provide guidance on efficient kitchen operation and energy consumption.
  • Ensure a smooth-running kitchen with regular check-ins and updates.

Catering Equipment

We understand the importance of having the right catering equipment to ensure a smooth and efficient food service operation. Our range of high-quality equipment is designed to meet the diverse needs of various commercial kitchens, from restaurants and cafes to hospitals and schools.

kitchen and restaurant lighting
Induction Cooktops

Energy-efficient and quick to heat, our induction cooktops reduce ambient heat and cooking times, making your kitchen more efficient.

food manufacturing - commercial kitchen design and installation
Combi Ovens

Versatile and space-saving, combi ovens offer multiple cooking methods in one unit, perfect for diverse menu requirements.

CAE commercial kitchen installation completed
Prep Tables

Stainless steel prep tables designed for durability and easy cleaning, providing ample workspace for food preparation.

Refrigeration Units

Energy-efficient refrigeration units, including under counter fridges and walk-in coolers, ensure your ingredients stay fresh and safe.

office restaurant ventilation - restaurant design
Commercial Kitchen Extraction Systems

Our systems are designed to maintain air quality and meet safety regulations, essential for any high-functioning kitchen.

Ventilation Hoods

Custom-designed to fit your kitchen layout, our hoods ensure efficient removal of smoke, steam, and odours.


High-capacity dishwashers that use less water and energy, ensuring cleanliness and efficiency.

commercial dishwasher
Pot Washers

Designed for heavy-duty cleaning, our pot washers save time and reduce labour costs.

office and commercial kitchen design and installation
Blast Chillers

Ideal for rapidly cooling cooked food to safe temperatures, preserving food quality and safety.

Sous Vide Machines
Precision cooking equipment that ensures consistent results, perfect for high-end restaurants.