Many businesses offer food service solutions to their team members. Staff restaurants and team break areas are vital to the productivity and performance of team members.

There are a number of different food service solutions which offer a number of benefits to teams, each with different requirements. We look at the different options and their requirements to help you establish which is most suited to your business.

Coffee Bars

Does your business run on coffee? Coffee bars offer staff members the perfect pick me ups exactly when they need them. But, they are not limited to a cup of java! Many installations we have been involved in offering a wide variety of both hot and cold beverages and food items. Functional coffee bars can be installed in buildings with minimal space, and don’t require a huge team to staff them. They can be aesthetically pleasing, and some can offer beautiful spaces for team members to sit and relax, before returning to work.

Health Bars

If you want to be able to offer your staff a healthy option at work, health bars are a wonderful solution. We know regular breaks help to keep the team motivated and productive, imagine what can happen when the team’s wellbeing is made a priority and they are able to refuel on food and drink that are full of nutrients. The health bars we have installed in the past are able to fit a number of requirements based on the stock that needs to be kept. Again, not much space is required to install a health bar in a building, and relaxing seating areas can be included in the initial design.


For businesses with larger budgets who want to be able to offer full catering to their teams, restaurant & commercial kitchen spaces can be installed in buildings. The benefits of these spaces are numerous, from being able to offer staff perks of fully catered meals, eating areas and many different food and drink options. You will not be limited to just lunchtime service either, restaurants can change their menu and offerings throughout the day to suit early and late workers. While the initial installation and running costs of restaurants are much higher than an alternative option, there is more opportunity for return from a full catering space.

Our businesses run as well as the team of people we have working in them, a beautiful break space or staff restaurant can improve productivity in a number of ways.

If you would like to speak to a member of our team about the best food service solution for your business, please get in touch here.