Thinking back to last year’s catering décor trends, we saw lots of restaurants prioritising their outdoor spaces. Adding cosy seating areas, heat lamps and outdoor serving bars to enhance their al fresco experience. (this was a must since Covid and the trend is here to stay.) Industrial spaces, with raw exposed brick, banquet tables and multiple food vendors under one roof have been, and still is a huge trend all across the UK, with historic venues like Mackie Mayor and Escape to Freight Island in Manchester and Seven Dials Market in London, all being immensely popular. Warmer tones including rosy pinks and sunset yellows dominated upholstery and wall colours in bars and restaurants throughout the year.

As we look ahead to the coming year, we have been looking at the décor of newly opened restaurants and a selection of winning trends is clear. We’ll delve into these trends and revisit this blog next year to assess their staying power.

Taking it back to basics

We’re seeing restaurants strip it all back, with cool stone floors, statement wood panelling, pristine white table clothes, and unremarkable pictures hung on plain white walls, with minimal fuss elsewhere. It’s understated, giving room for the menu to take centre stage. Bistro Freddie, London is a great example of this style. These restaurants remind us of old Spanish tapas bars, which are gritty and authentic, menus tattered, furniture sturdy but worn and the vibrant energy of great food and hustle in the air.


Statement Glamour

Bespoke made leather booths, beautiful tiled floors, elegant lighting choices, lavish entrances, and dining rooms filled with premium fabrics and rich colour palettes. Dining out in 2024 is going to be extravagant, we’re going to be spoilt for choice as glamourous decor is everywhere. Jamie Oliver’s new restaurant Catherine Street is the essence of this polished style.


Rich Eclectic Retro

This style is playful, bold and whimsical, with lots a rich patterns and colours from different eras. Dear Jackie in London is rich with 20s style gold tones, pastel pinks and turquoise blues, frilly feminine upholstery, and decorative floors. Little Lines have also created the perfect vintage aesthetic for their new cocktail bar in London.


Low key cool

Unbreakable enamel plates, chalk paint wall menus, communal tables with fold away chairs and repurposed gym floors are all here to stay. It’s effortlessly cool, it feels casual and friendly. Perfect for family brunches, an after work drink or dinner with friends. It’s the ultimate ‘ticks all boxes’ aesthetic. Mackie Mayor in Manchester which was formerly known as Smithfield Market in the 1800’s, reopened as a market style eatery with diverse food stalls and informal dining. They have nailed the low key cool vibe that many cafes, bakeries, resturants and food halls are adorning.

Will these themes stick around for the entire of 2024? Let’s watch this space. As well as new styles, colours and designs, we could also see more automation and tech in our restaurants and bars in the UK (see our last blog on robot restaurants). We look forward to revisiting these trends in the coming months to see how they have evolved.

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