From April 2023 all commercial properties must meet a Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards rating of E or higher. It will be an offence to continue to let or rent out a property if it does not have a rating of at least E. This information is crucial to know if you are a landlord and have tenants in your commercial properties. You may be subject to financial penalty up to a max £150,000, or a publication penalty.. meaning details of the breach could be entered on the public section of the PRS Exemption Register.

If you haven’t got an energy rating, we suggest you add it to the top of your priority list. Companies like Energy Performance Certificates and EPC UK offer a great certification service that is easy and fast.

The Energy Performance website explains the process in more detail:

“One of our accredited assessors will visit your property at the agreed time and perform a thorough visual inspection. After noting down all the relevant details and measurements, the assessor will calculate an EPC rating. After the assessment has been completed, your EPC will be available to download from our website within 24 hours. We aim to provide a fast and efficient service to all of our customers so you don’t have to worry about having to wait weeks before your property is inspected and a certificate prepared.”

It has been indicated that these requirements will tighten again in the near future, with a proposal that commercial properties must have an EPC rating of C or higher by 1 April 2027, and B or better by 2030.

If you wish to make your commercial property more energy efficient, we have a team of experts that can help. We have introduced innovative schemes that identify equipment with environmentally-friendly attributes early in the planning and design process, meaning our designs are always energy efficient. Get in touch to find out more.