Commercial catering design for WEM London

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Investing in a well-designed commercial kitchen, restaurant, and bar is an essential foundation that supports the success of your business. And you want a strong base right? You want customers to enter your establishment and think straight away, ok these guys know exactly how to set the mood, and a sophisticated or vibrant or romantic evening is exactly what I’m going to get. With online reviews pretty much making or breaking a restaurant, you want to make the best impression possible, so let’s get into the importance of a good design.

A thoughtfully designed space is an easier place to work in

We all understand the frustrations of a bad flow from the kitchen to the restaurant, constantly bumping into other staff members or customers. Or a badly designed kitchen which slows down service because the areas aren’t in the correct places. Redesigning and starting afresh, gives you the chance to get these elements right, and by working with a team of experts with years of experience, you’ll get the best design.

Not everyone possesses the skills of a designer or builder.
The daunting task of starting from scratch can discourage business owners who excel in their culinary or managerial talents. Pinterest is a good place to find inspiration, but it doesn’t do the hard work for you! By engaging experts with extensive experience, you can leverage their knowledge and ensure a well-executed design. 

First impressions count

Journalists, culture bloggers, food influencers and general food and drink lovers will all come to experience your new business, and they all play a pivotal role in shaping public perception! These people will notice all the small details, the tableware, what shade of paint you used, what the vibe is like inside, whether the flow from kitchen to table is organised or hectic. It’s not just about the food and drink, it’s the whole package and the design, décor and quality of the fit out will all be noticeable.

A building has history that you need to unwrite

When you take over a premise, you take on all the previous tenant’s history and how their customers felt there. Customers remember who were there before you, and if they walk in and see the same unsuccessful shell with the same flooring and layout, it could leave them feeling the same historic disappointment. A complete over hall is what we would suggest to give your business the best start.

It will save you money long term

A great kitchen layout with ample storage and energy efficient appliances will reduce energy costs and food waste. If food is stored properly, there’s more chance you can keep track of your inventory and minimise food spoilage. Older appliances that haven’t been properly positioned maintained cost more to run.

Investing in a commercial kitchen, restaurant, and bar design requires an upfront cost, which could be partially covered through government-funded grants or start-up loans. By prioritising professional design, you are setting the stage for operational efficiency, memorable customer experiences, and long-term cost savings. It is an investment that lays the groundwork for success in the very competitive restaurant industry. If you want to chat to one of our experts, get in touch.