We recently wrote a blog about commercial kitchen and restaurant design trends for 2023 we thought we would cover coffee shop design trends for 2023 as well because, well, why not!

We have said it before but we will say it again, running a coffee shop isnt just about serving an amazing cup of coffee, there are so many other factors that can truly make or break you, your interior design being one of them. Its important not to get too wrapped up in design trends as they will go out of style but its important to familiarise yourself with what is hot in coffee shop interior design trends that can keep your business going strong.

Feature walls for social media.

We all know it – we are addicted to our phones, especially those with a younger demographic, so business owners need to take advantage of this social media frenzy and ensure their coffee shop is aesthetically pleasing enough to get customers to post pictures or take videos and tag the business in the posts – this serves as free advertising for the business – so investing in your interior design is definitely worth it! One of the best ways to encourage customers to take photos and videos is to have a unique, stylish and cool feature – think an accent wall. There are so many ways to create this unique space – custom neon lights, set up a flower or ivy wall, or simply pick out a super cool wallpaper to add visual interest. Just make sure that there is enough space for customers to take pics, and watch as your social media hits and sales soar.

Local Art.

We have gotten accustomed to seeing world art or coffee cups on the walls of coffee shops, today these trends are seen as a little old and overdone. 2023 is all about considering featuring local artists in your coffee shop to keep your space interesting, fresh and exciting.

You can choose to buy art from local artists and simply hang them on your walls or you can collaborate with local artists and create a coffee shopgallery where customers have the opportunity to purchase displayed art – by doing this you can feature different local artists throughout the year, meaning you have constantly changing art, making your space interesting and creating visual interest – as well as serving great coffee, of course! And, helping the local arts community.


Its not just your walls you can use for decoration! Your tabletops are a great way to add some fun/decoration to your space and dont forget, people love to take pictures and post them on social media so you could create some fun themes or just have neutral tones that make your delish food and drink stand out.


This isnt really a new design trendbut a design feature that has been around for a number of years, because it is so important. Your lighting choices will reflect the atmosphere you want to set for your space – dimmer lighting will give a softer, moodier feel to your space whereas bright lights can open up your space and give a lighter feel, the use of lamps can create a cosy vibe. 

If your space allows and you have the option of natural light you can use this as a feature and really play off it with large floor-to-ceiling windows and clever decor with plants to give a natural environment.

Love To Read.

Today’s customer doesnt just come to your coffee shop for your coffee and to socialise they come solo to relax and unwind. How often do you see a customer reading or typing away on their laptops? Make this year the year that you offer those solo customers the choice of a bookshelf, think vintage books, latest book club picks, book swopping – you may even consider adding a few board games for those that come in as a group to enjoy! 

The addition of these items will encourage your customers to think of your coffee shop as an inviting atmosphere where they can gather as a group or individually and still feel welcome.

Adding a touch of vintage

This is something we saw slowly be introduced toward the end of 2022 and we believe its going be a big influence in 2023 coffee shop design trends. Vintage touches! Think posters, art and furniture – consider shopping in secondhand shops, recycle the old, and make it new! Not only is it a more sustainable option but it brings an air of individuality and coolness to your space – again, a space that can be highly photographed by your customer and posted on social media.

Beautiful bathrooms

How many times have you seen the toilet selfie?! Another example of how social media and the customer have influenced us to carry the design trend through the whole space rather than just investing in certain areas. The design of your bathroom will of course depend on the space you have available, your budget and other considerations but think vibrant wallpapers, fancy mirrors, the continuation of unique local art, plants or anything a little quirky that will grab the interest of your customer.

Who ever thought our toilets could become the talking point of our cafes and coffee shops?

Delightful displays

Using your displays wisely can add visual interest to your coffee shop and entice customers to purchase your food and drinks. Display your favourite teas and coffee beans on shelves, along with any merchandise you might have on offer. Add pastries and beautiful cakes to your pastry case in a creative way – it all helps to get those orders placed!

Open Kitchens arent just for restaurants!

Open kitchens are a big thing! If you have the space opt for an open kitchen design where customers have a full view of what you are creating and how you are creating it and lets be honest, coffee shop equipment is very cool, all shiny and steamy! Just make sure your space is well organised and in line with all best practices.

When it comes to your coffee shop design weve got you covered! Our designers and team are all fully aware of recent trends and specialise in creating beautiful, enticing spaces that your customers will love. If you have a project in mind, please get in touch.