So here we are at (nearly) the end of 2022…Many of us may have been thinking about selling our home and making that next step” but now, due to the financial squeeze we have all been put under, it has become the impossible dream. So, instead, we look to potentially update or improve what we have. The room that sees the most action? The kitchen. We all love the kitchen, the hub of the house, where all the lovely food smells come from and where friends and family gather for birthdays, christenings, Christmas, the list is endless.

So how does this link into commercial kitchen designs? Depending on if your preferred setup is a back-of-house set-up which is designed for optimum kitchen and staff efficiency. Or if you are looking for the island” layout. Within the Island layout, the chefs and the production of the food all take centre stage and are viewed by the guests, the staff become the stars of the show. The other benefit of this type of layout is the chef can centrally oversee all the production and operations or the entire kitchen. This is where all our cosy kitchen memories, the smell of the food, and the production link in to make the guest feel they are part of it. Part of the production, seeing the creation and most importantly, tasting the results.

Another popular trend for commercial kitchen designs is an open layout. Again, it’s all about the guests feeling involved in the show. It contributes to a relaxed environment. Its like youre allowing them to look through the doors of the restaurant kitchen and gain a sneaky peak of how it all works, whilst showing off the skill and mastery of it all. Most commercial kitchen designers will push back all the storage and cleaning areas, whilst pushing forward the cooking and prep station. Particularly dramatic for chefs that use open flames or grills as their preferred cooking style.

So what else are we seeing this year and in 2023 in commercial kitchen design? The world is becoming more and more interconnected, there has been a surge and new cuisines from places that we are seeing a rise in migrants and refugees entering the UK. So where is the best place to try out these new cuisines? In cultural hubs, for example, the rise of the food hall. The number of food halls has soared, in 2023 Resy* has predicted that this will evolve into much more diverse areas to socialise. These areas will offer great food, drink, DJs, live music and even films! This provides the guest with a complete night of entertainment without the need to travel from one place to another. Therefore, saving the ever-squeezed pounds that many of us just can’t afford to spend at the moment.

Commercial kitchen designers pushed for even more genius ideas that incorporate the kitchen’s flow alongside the guest’s dining experience.

Other areas where growth is expected in 2023 are the cleanable materials. During the pandemic commercial kitchens and restaurants had to show that they were looking after their guests. Wipe-clean menus, contactless payment and enhanced cleaning regimes have now become the norm.

Many restaurants are also heralding themselves as community-focused. Many menus I’ve had the pleasure of perusing lately have proudly stated that they use locally sourced ingredients, this enables the guest to feel like they have contributed to their local economy, cutting their carbon footprint and are helping to support local small businesses.

So, where does this leave solo diners and vegans? Both demographics are predicted to be on the rise in 2023. Counter table commercial kitchen designs remove the awkwardness of dining alone on a 2 or 4-seater table. You can face into the service area, engaging with serving staff and other guests only if you want to and making the diner feel relaxed and comfortable.

Vegan dishes in restaurants are now commonplace. Most restaurants offer a good selection of plant-based food, or if they are really good purely plant-based food, which can be enjoyed alone at the counter or with your friends at a table. All the guest needs to decide is whether they want to have some me time’, or if they fancy some friendly dinner banter.

If you are looking for some inspiration for your commercial kitchen design for 2023 we have an incredibly creative team waiting to hear from you! Get in touch.