You may have an idea of how you want your commercial kitchen to look or flow….But have you thought about how much your kitchen would cost to run? With energy prices rising, you can’t risk investing into a new fit out, that costs you too much to run. We can help bring your kitchen design to life, and find you energy efficient solutions so your profits aren’t being eaten up by your energy bills.

Lets explore ways you can keep costs down in your commercial kitchen.

Kitchen layout
Clever planning means, fridges and freezers should be kept apart to save your chilled goods from overworking. Cooking equipment should be placed appropriately to ensure the ventilation hoods work efficiency. This is where a team of Ceba Solutions experts come in handy, we have years of knowledge in planning energy efficient kitchens so you don’t have too. Don’t make costly mistakes!

Older appliances can be a drain on your energy usage. A freezer bought today can cost 45% less to run than a freezer bought in 2003. Do your research when shopping for those big appliances that will be running all day, look out for B to A rated fridges and freezers to keep running costs down.

Maintain your equipment
We all have those jobs that are the bottom of the list…but did you know how much money you could be wasting by not seeing to them? Things like loose seals on oven doors which result in heat loss, loose seals on fridges which makes your fridge work harder to keep the temperature down. When working with Ceba Solutions, we always find appliances with as long a possible warranty period so you’re covered if it lets you down.

Opt for LED lighting rather than fluorescent or incandescent bulbs to save energy. LED lighting also lasts longer and produces less heat, and you most certainly don’t want more heat in your kitchen! LED ceiling panels are a great alternative, and their flush design is easy to clean too. Our team can design a kitchen with energy efficient lighting in mind.

Is there a renewable energy source you can introduce or is there an option to install solar or an air source heat pump? These options can be expensive to install initially, but if you have a long term plan, you could reap the benefits in a few years time.

To conclude, designing an energy-efficient commercial kitchen in the UK requires

Careful planning and consideration. By investing in an effective kitchen design, energy-efficient equipment, the right lighting, renewable energy sources, and monitoring and maintaining equipment, you can create a cost-effective and environmentally friendly kitchen. Not only will these measures help to reduce your energy bills, but they can also enhance your kitchen’s overall efficiency and productivity.

If you have a project in mind please get in touch.