We all know the difference between an environment that feels relaxing, comfortable and a joy to be in, and one that just feels uncomfortable. Some discomfort in a setting is down to personal preference. We’ve probably all encountered that one family member or friend who insists on swapping seats until they find the perfect spot! However, there are certain places that just excel at setting the mood. Read on to find out what makes a space just right.


Being seated at a dimly-lit table in a corner while surrounded by beautifully lit tables can make anyone feel uncomfortable. It’s no surprise that uncomfortable patrons don’t stay for long. The power of lighting to transform a space is undeniable, but achieving the perfect lighting setup can be challenging, as rewiring can cause disruption and downtime. If you own a restaurant, take the time to walk around before opening to customers and identify areas that are too dark or too bright. You may experiment with different bulbs or add candles to tables to create the desired ambience. If you’re considering a redesign, our team of experts can provide you with the right lighting solution to enhance your space. Lighting in bathrooms can dramatically affect customers mood too. Make sure you check out the ambience in here too!

Sectioning areas

Incorporating clever design techniques in your bar can subtly distinguish between customers who are looking for different vibes while enjoying a drink. For instance, adding elevated sections with partitions and varied seating options can create cozy corners where patrons can people-watch or have a peaceful date. Open areas near the bar with high tables and no seating are ideal for post-work drinks, as customers can quickly rotate in and out. Meanwhile, areas with long communal tables and benches foster a flexible and inclusive atmosphere, allowing customers to grab a free seat, and maybe make some friends too!


It’s not just about picking the right wallpaper and paint; it’s also about how it’s applied. Is it neatly done or is it messy? Many restaurants and bars have great ideas but fail in their execution. Neatness matters. Customers notice when details like paint on light switches, furniture scraping marks on walls or flaking paint where hand dryers are used gets overlooked. These seemingly bottom of the list jobs can leave a negative impression on the overall vibe. If you’re aiming for an upscale establishment, poorly executed painting and decorating can be a visual assault that detracts from the overall dining experience.

We only work with the best painters and decorators so that your new business gives the best first impression. Or if you’re revamping an existing one, our team will ensure that the execution of the project is impeccable, leaving your existing customers in awe of the transformation.

If you have a project in mind and want to chat to our team of experts, we’re all ears! Please get in touch.