At Ceba Solutions, we truly understand how to create a commercial catering solution to suit your specific needs. We listen to your ideas and requirements, carefully assess spatial limitations, and smoothly navigate any unique building regulations. We will then create detailed 2D and 3D sketches that showcase your new space, offering a tangible preview of its functionality and visual appeal in real-world terms.

We have created some outstanding commercial spaces in our 20 years of business, and have learnt a lot about what makes a great kitchen and restaurant in that time. We’re going to walk you through two of our recent design and fit-outs and why they understood the brief completely.

Restaurant Design and Fit-Out for Birmingham City University, Upper Curzon Building

Birmingham university redesign Concept: Increase flexibility of food offers, create a welcoming and functional space for students.

The design and fit-out of the Birmingham City University restaurant stands out as a significant achievement for our team. The client’s objective was to create a student-centric space offering a wide array of food options while ensuring smooth traffic flow, particularly given the high volume of daily student usage. Additionally, they sought to optimise operational efficiency by minimising staffing requirements.

In response to these requirements, our in-house design team crafted three open counters, positioned to facilitate seamless movement for staff. The incorporation of black mesh panels and new lighting effectively defines each counter while maintaining an unobtrusive flow. By introducing individual branding for each counter, we succeeded in imparting a sense of menu diversity, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Birmingham university redesign

In pursuit of maximum operational efficiency, our design team engineered the Starbucks coffee bar with a mirrored service flow. Additionally, we strategically placed till points at each counter to enable seamless movement and reduce queues in this bustling environment.

The chunky timber gantry makes a bold statement within the design, complementing the mono-block counters throughout and enhancing the overall aesthetic of the restaurant. In essence, the design resonates well with students, and in collaboration with our subcontractor team, we’ve succeeded in crafting an exceptionally functional space that truly stands out.

natwest redesign

Coffee Bar and Food Outlet for Natwest

Concept: Full design and fit-out of a new single service point coffee bar & hot food outlet for Natwest. Minimal disruption to staff during fit-out.

We were tasked with designing and fitting out a single-service point coffee bar and hot food outlet for Natwest. In line with the client’s requirements, we carried out the work in two phases to ensure minimal disruption to their staff.

Our design focused on creating a modern, bright and welcoming space where Natwest employees could grab a coffee or lunch. The layout incorporates a barista bar on the first floor, along with storage rooms and a back-of-house kitchen. Recognising the need for flexibility due to the frequent changes in the daily menu, we opted to install a dual-temperature inset display plate, which proved to be an excellent fit for this fit-out.

Given the kitchen’s daily use, it was essential to install high-quality counters. The bespoke counters made by Proline were chosen as the perfect solution for enduring heavy use. The exceptional craftsmanship evident in these counters is truly remarkable.

Overall, the design and fit-out was a success. We particularly like the grab-and-go area featuring a self-service screen for swift payments. From those grabbing a quick lunch to those having meetings over coffee, every individual was considered in this project to ensure the space catered to all their staffs’ needs.

In conclusion, our portfolio of work illustrates our commitment to transforming ideas into practical, efficient solutions. Through projects like the Birmingham City University restaurant and Natwest coffee bar, we’ve demonstrated how thoughtful design and meticulous planning can bring concepts to life, creating functional and inviting spaces that exceed expectations. From initial concepts to the final execution, we’re dedicated to crafting commercial kitchens and restaurants that truly work for you.

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