Establishing a brand can be quite a challenge, particularly when elements such as brand colours, tone of voice, photography style, and digital and print design assets need to seamlessly transition into physical space. It’s crucial to ensure your brand identity is as strong as possible before embarking on a redesign.

The goal is not only for these elements to complement each other, but also for your restaurant or bar to leave a lasting impression, transforming the space into a tangible representation of your brand identity—a vibrant, three-dimensional expression of your brand’s design style and personality.


Strong identities start on paper

Firstly, it’s essential to conduct research into your brand’s essence and values, as well as its target audience. The better you understand your brand before translating it into a three-dimensional space, the easier it will be to create a space with a strong identity that customers remember. Here are some key questions to consider.

– What is your brand story? Who are you?

– If you could describe your brand in 10 key words, what would they be?

– Who are your ideal customers?

– What emotions do you want customers to experience when interacting with your brand, whether through your website, menu, or physical space?

– What are your unique selling points (USPs)? What sets you apart from competitors?

– What values does your brand hold?


The Importance of Brand Guidelines

Now that you have a clear understanding of your brand, it’s essential to assess your current brand identity and determine if it still aligns with your vision. If not, consider hiring an experienced graphic designer specialising in branding to help refine your brand guidelines. These guidelines will encapsulate everything you’ve discovered about your brand, plus logos, colours, graphic and photography guidelines and typography choices.

This document can be shared with anyone involved in designing and furnishing your space. For instance, if you collaborate with our team, we would refer to your brand guidelines throughout the planning, designing, decorating, and furnishing process to ensure our design aligns with your target customers and business objectives.

If your brand keywords include terms like clean, minimal, bright, calm, and casual fine dining, a designer has plenty of visual cues to work with. Combined with a carefully curated colour palette crafted by your graphic designer and approved by you, you’ll have all the ingredients necessary to create a truly remarkable space.


Embrace Your Brand and own it!

Whatever you do with your space, commit to it fully. Showcase your brand’s personality to the world.

For instance, if one of your brand colours is as vibrant as Jacques Majorelle’s ‘Majorelle blue,’ and you’re designing a lively bar in a creative neighbourhood, incorporate that colour throughout your design—from paint colours and tiles to soft furnishings, tableware, wall prints, and light fixtures. Let your brand guidelines shine through in the 3D design.

Equally, if you’re creating a calm space for staff to unwind, find ways to evoke that tranquillity through clever use of textures, soft furnishings, flooring choices, and wall treatments. Be confident in embracing your brand guidelines and personality, whether it’s vibrant and lively or quiet and serene.

In conclusion, creating a memorable brand and space goes beyond aesthetics, it’s about encapsulating the essence of your brand and ensuring it resonates with your audience on every level. By understanding your brand’s story, values, and unique selling points, and by implementing your brand guidelines into every aspect of your physical space, you can create an immersive experience that leaves a lasting impression. So, embrace your brand wholeheartedly, infuse it into every corner of your space, and let it shine brightly for all to see.

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