It’s that time of year again when the outdoor area emerges from hibernation, chairs are unstacked, the patio is swept, and the plastic glasses are washed and ready for outdoor use! It’s a wonderful feeling as spring arrives, heralding another season of (hopefully) sunny, warm weather with plenty of happy customers enjoying the outdoors. It’s a prime opportunity to assess what changes can be made to enhance the space.

Let’s delve into outdoor catering kitchens and equipment, as outdoor dining has experienced a surge in popularity since the pandemic, and there’s nothing quite like a fantastic outdoor space to bask in the sun’s rays with a cold beer.

With an increasing number of venues offering food service from custom outdoor kitchens crafted from shipping containers, vintage vehicles, and even sheds, what’s the secret to designing and fitting a superb outdoor kitchen that’s fit for purpose?


Planning is crucial!

Consider your space:

An outdoor kitchen will likely be smaller than your main kitchen. The space should only contain the essential items needed for on-demand cooking. The same applies to ingredient preparation; the main kitchen might be the best place for prep work, which can then be transferred to the outdoor kitchen according to your schedule.

Consider your menu:

If you’re planning to offer pizzas, invest in a pizza oven. For burgers, a hot plate is essential. The kitchen should be custom-made to suit your menu. Designing a kitchen that is not tailored to your menu may result in a space that isn’t suitable for any purpose. Menu first, design second.

Consider the disruption:

How long do you estimate the build to take? Will this have an impact on your current outdoor area? If it will affect your summer trade, plan your new outdoor kitchen venture in the cooler months so that your busy summer trade isn’t affected too badly.

Consider the supplies:

Take an interest in the supplies needed to ensure the space is legally safe to operate. How will the greywater connect to the main waste pipe? How will you power the outdoor kitchen? These are considerations you may not have encountered before, especially if your main kitchen is already connected to the necessary supplies. Not sure where to begin with this stuff? We can assist, our contact details are below!


Consider legalities:

Will your outdoor commercial kitchen require planning permission? Is it covered by your current insurance policy, and will it need its own food safety inspection? These are just a few questions to ponder before embarking on your new venture. This aspect of the planning process can feel overwhelming, which is why having a trusted commercial kitchen company by your side can make all the difference.


As you gear up for the bustling season ahead, investing time and effort into planning your outdoor catering kitchen is essential for success. By carefully considering your space, menu, supplies, disruption and legal requirements, you can create a functional and compliant outdoor kitchen that enhances your business in the warmer months.

With our expertise and dedication to crafting bespoke commercial kitchens in the UK, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Get in touch with our friendly team, and let’s transform your outdoor space into a destination space. Email us today: