Ah, the work canteen, you are one of the lucky ones if you have one, as not all companies offer this amenity. Canteens and staff restaurants can be places where exciting meetings happen over coffees or fresh juices, they can be fun places to chat with colleagues, or even offer a quiet environment for a 15-minute phone break. They hold a unique value when recruiting, especially for companies in a remote area with limited access to shops and cafes.

But is there such a thing as a bad cafeteria? Speaking from experience, yes there is. While numerous factors contribute to work happiness, one often overlooked aspect is a well-designed work canteen. We’re going to share with you the significance of getting your design right – not only for cultivating a positive work environment and promoting staff well-being, but also for hiring new team members.

But first coffee
Every canteen needs a coffee station, it should be a top priority in any cafeteria design! Streamlining the process for employees to get their morning hit can be achieved by introducing a self-serve option, allowing them to fill their cup quickly and easily. Having a hot drinks station is one of the easiest ways to boost staff well-being.

A nice canteen environment can leave staff feeling refreshed and ready to work
From healthy food choices to a range of seating options to cover all bases, a clean and well-designed canteen can play a pivotal role in maximising employee productivity during the afternoon lull. Prioritising the needs of your staff in the canteens design, such as relaxing breakout spaces and juice bars can contribute to maintaining their energy and focus throughout the day.

Reduce lateness
It’s very easy for your employees to unintentionally extend their lunch breaks while searching for food outside of office premises. Having a well-stocked canteen reduces the need for staff to wonder far and wide in search of lunch options. Make your canteen a place staff want to spend time in.

A valuable asset when hiring new team members
When prospective employees are considering joining a company, they will often look at the overall work environment, looking at what the company offers in addition to the role. A well designed staff canteen might even sway an individual’s decision when choosing between two companies. Great canteens cultivate a sense of community and contribute to the company’s culture, providing individuals with a sense of belonging and the chance to connect with co-workers.

The canteen is more than just a space to eat your lunch, it’s an extension of the company’s culture. Having a well-designed cafeteria provides employees with a place to unwind, collaborate and refuel, and a relaxed and well fed individual returns to work in a positive mindset, ready to tackle work through till the end of day.

If you’re not sure how happy your canteen makes your employees, consider sending out a survey for feedback, it’s a great place to start when embarking on a re-design, as you will be armed with knowledge of the things your staff need and want to make their time at work enjoyable.

When you’re ready to begin your redesign, consider talking to us, we’re a team of experts in commercial kitchen and restaurant design and we have a vast portfolio of work including work canteens and school canteens. Get in touch: info@cebasolutions.co.uk