An open kitchen is always an exciting surprise when eating out at a restaurant, experiencing the hustle and bustle of the chefs in action can add to the ambience of the venue and enjoyment of the whole evening. But an open kitchen could be chaotic and uncoordinated if it’s not designed properly, and that’s not the kind of vibe you want to pass onto your customers.

First things first, the layout

Do you want the entire kitchen on show, or just the cooking areas? If you want the back-of-house prep areas hidden, consider the flow of staff coming in and out of this area in your design and try to keep chefs in their areas by positioning suitable equipment close by to minimise traffic back and forth. Consider the “kitchen triangle”, which involves arranging the stove, fridges and sink in a triangular pattern for maximum efficiency.


Absolutely no-one wants to sit in a restaurant that fills with cooking smoke, so installing a high-quality extraction system should provide ventilation to remove fumes and safely re-direct them elsewhere. Kitchens also produce a lot of heat, so ensuring you have an effective system in place means your staff and diners are comfortable and not overheating.

An attractive design

The design of your open kitchen should align with the overall theme and ambiance of your restaurant, however most commercial kitchen design is based around easy to maintain equipment like stainless steel counters. Consider the tile and lighting options to bring the kitchen into the theme. If you make pizzas, consider a centrepiece like a disco ball pizza oven to draw customers attention into the kitchen.

Watch the noise!
While open kitchens offer a wonderful aesthetic appeal, they can be pretty mitigate noise disturbance, it’s highly recommended that you incorporate a glass partition into the design. Your customers will thank you for this as the clattering of pans and dishes will be much quieter in the background.

Keep your kitchen clean and tidy

Maintaining impeccable hygiene is non-negotiable in an open kitchen. Implement strict cleaning schedules to ensure that all surfaces, equipment, and utensils are sanitised regularly. Additionally, chefs should be attired in clean and professional uniforms, reflecting a commitment to cleanliness and professionalism.

An open kitchen can be a powerful tool for enhancing the dining experience in your restaurant. By carefully considering factors such as layout, ventilation, design, noise and cleanliness, you can create a captivating culinary display that leaves a positive impression on your guests. However, we know an open plan kitchen design can be a daunting task to take on without the help of experts, which is why we’re here. We have over 20 years experience in commercial kitchen design and would love to hear about your next project. Please get in touch to talk more about your project.