A Micro-market is a miniature food retail space with self-checkout technology for payments, we have seen a rise in the popularity of micro-markets within catering spaces over the last few years and we can really see why!

They are convenient, simple and give you the opportunity to stock healthier options than you could in a standard vending machine – they bring the high street experience to the workplace giving the end-user experiences an abundance of refreshment solutions, hot and cold without having to leave the site.

A standard micro-market design will consist of open shelves and often have glassed refrigerated sections, as well as dedicated areas for self-serve tea and coffee and soft drinks on tap, cutlery and condiments, they also have an automated self-payment at checkout for maximum convenience.

Micro markets are similar to vending machines but there are various differences:


  • Touchscreen automated service and tap-to-pay payment options
  • Modern design grab-and-go food stand
  • Open-style purchasing
  • Daily re-stock
  • Healthier snack and meal choices
  • Loyalty cards and coupons can be used

Vending Machines

  • Various types of payment options
  • Not restocked daily but on strict fulfilment schedules
  • Dispensing can be difficult with food and drink sometimes not dispensing properly
  • Enclosed-style purchasing
  • Limited variety of foods offered – healthy options are extremely limited
  • Refrigerated machines for drinks

Micro-markets should be considered more like a mini supermarket – a place where customers have access to alternative food options to purchase at any time of the day. Many spaces that offer a micro-market will have seating and wi-fi available, for office spaces a complete break-out space can be designed around the micro market – unsurprisingly offering a space like this can have a really positive impact on employees creating a happy workforce which in turn has many other benefits, you can:

  • Attract and retain the best staff
  • increase productivity and morale
  • Keep employees on-site, and engaged during their breaks
  • Keep staff energised and refreshed

You can also offer alternative payment options which make life easy for staff:

  • Auto top-up your account
  • Pay by fingerprint
  • Pay by phone
  • Contactless

Micro-markets are a fabulous solution for many spaces because they can be set up easily and can be established almost anywhere that provides a power outlet and reliable internet connection. It is important for a micro-market to have access to refrigeration to keep grab-and-go food fresh and at a food-safe temperature for consumption – we are seeing customers come to us for the design and installation of the micro-market in the following places:

  • Airports
  • Corporate office buildings
  • Supermarkets
  • Hospitals
  • Academic buildings
  • Hotels
  • Factories
  • Government offices
  • Health clubs

A Micro-market is a great solution for transforming your catering offer for todays 24/7 society. Include your branding, signage and ancillary options and youll truly receive a next-level unattended retail solution. 

Interested in a micro-market for your catering space? We’d love to hear from you.