Ceba Solutions Ltd is proud of the role we play in both the community we were born within and the
communities we serve.

We understand that our activities have an impact through the products and services we offer and through the employment of individuals and the place we hold within our community.

We strive to play a leading role in supporting community initiatives locally, as well as ensuring we are
offering an opportunity to people from different backgrounds and with different interests.

We offer all of our employees the opportunity to take paid time off for one day a year, in support of
community-based or charitable organisations and this year we have chosen to support a local charity
providing “Hospice at home” services through charitable fundraising. In addition, this year, we intend to
provide support to our local comprehensive school in supporting pupils through careers events and in
offering work experience. In doing so, this helps to engage our team around a common cause and to
understand that our business does not operate in a vacuum but as part of a thriving community.

On a broader basis, we have provided support to our customers and suppliers in building their approach
to community involvement. This has included sponsorship to the Civil War Society through to Hospitality
Action sponsors.

Our approach is to motivate, engage, and support our people in these endeavours, not because they
directly benefit our business, but because we wish to develop a long-term, sustainable approach to all our endeavours.

This policy will be reviewed and updated annually.