Environmental Statement

Ceba has long been forerunners in promoting sustainable foodservice concepts. We have introduced
innovative schemes that identify equipment with environmentally-friendly attributes early in the
planning and design process. This results in better design and performance with installations that
actually help to improve resource efficiency and reduce operating costs in real terms.

Our commitment to using environmentally-friendly products stems from an inherent belief that in
practising, we don’t only deliver the most fantastic and high-quality service, but we also help to
sustain and reduce our contribution and maximise our influence on the environment. We take a
responsible approach to minimising the negative impact of our operation on the environment that
supports it.

We know that our equipment has an adverse impact on the environment; we have both a corporate
and moral responsibility to control these impacts as best we can. Consequently, our commitment to
performing in a positively sustainable fashion extends beyond installation; the machinery must
operate efficiently, providing long term benefits.

At Ceba our sustainable behaviour underlies all that we do. Sustainability is not paid lip service for
the sake of impressing our clients, but instead, its principles underpin our operation, guiding our
relationships, positively impacting our behaviour.

We recognise that operating sustainably makes absolute business sense for us because:

1. Our strong and evidenced sustainable approach provides us with a clear differentiator in a
competitive market place

2. Our clients and potential clients want to improve their business’ sustainable performance and
operating thus allows us to assist them in achieving their stainability goals

3. Our approach helps us to cement stronger relationships with clients

4. An absence of a proven environmental approach has the potential to exclude us from new

5. This approach enables Ceba to better control of our environmental liabilities and reduce our own
environmental impact and reduce many costs associated with delivering our service

6. Placing sustainable behaviour at the heart of our business forces us to think differently, be more
creative and innovate in how we deliver our services

7. Operating sustainably allows us to comply with legislation more easily and minimises our
regulatory burden, especially in areas surrounding waste.

Reviewed annually in conjunction with H&S Policy