Since Covid, restaurants and bars are having to introduce ways to cut back on staff time (or find ways to deal with their lack of staff due to the labour crisis), reduce costs due to inflation and increase order values to keep their businesses afloat. It’s been hard times and we have seen many new and old businesses struggle or close their doors since the pandemic! There are a few things that are working, and it’s thanks to some clever technology…

Technology apps that facilitate ordering and payment for food have become popular, and their results are pretty amazing. We have probably all seen McDonalds huge order screens by now, oh how easy, fast and judgement-free it is to order an extra McFluffy! According to The BDO Restaurants and Bars Report 2023, one in five 18-25 year olds browse the menu for longer when it’s digital – usually converting to higher spending. We’ve taken a look at some of the apps restaurants are using to get their customers to spend more, while saving staff time.


Ordering and payment app – Just scan a barcode and your customers can browse the menu, order food, and pay.

Amazing app. We love going to restaurants and bars and seeing Sunday’s barcode stickers on the tables. It feels fast and modern. No waiting for staff to come over to take your order or bring your bill.

They say on their website, up to 15 minutes saved per table, +40% more tips and +12% average basket. They are incredible results.

You can also ask your customers to write a review straight after they have paid which gets published to Google.


Another great order and pay app, only LOKE are all about customer data and nurturing those relationships once they have left the table.

This is a really clever app, you can target valued customers with personalised offers, digital stamp cards and content campaigns.

Offers ordering and paying at the table, room service, pick up and delivery and pay at counter. It also gives you access to comprehensible reports on ROI, customer spend and behaviour and campaign tracking.

They say on their website, that LOKE increases the average spend per transaction by 30%, and increases frequency of transations by 2.7x.


Now if you’re looking for a Kiosk similar to the fancy McDonalds one, App4 are the people to speak to. Not only do they have their own pay and order app for table orders, they also create Kiosks, so fast food chains can benefit from the same technology advantages.

Their website states, their kiosks can increase order values by 20%-30%, with customers more likely to purchase extras and upgrades when using a kiosk.

In conclusion, order and pay apps offer a myriad of advantages that enhance the dining experience for both customers and restaurant owners. The convenience and efficiency of placing orders and making payments through a user-friendly app save time and streamline operations. This results in faster service and happy customers. They may be just the ticket to save your restaurant if you’re struggling for labour, or trying to cut costs.

We may be a specialist commercial kitchen and design house, but we love to keep an eye on current technology too. If you have a project in mind and want to chat to our team of experts, we’re all ears! Please get in touch.