At Ceba we are invested in making a difference to our planet – we know that our equipment can have an adverse impact on the environment; we have both a corporate and moral responsibility to control these impacts as best we can.

Consequently, our commitment to performing in a positively sustainable fashion extends beyond installation; the machinery must operate efficiently, providing long term benefits, not only does this commitment stretch to the equipment we supply we are taking things one step further and all Ceba employees entitled to a vehicle now have an electric car, adding to our promise to do as much as we can to help the planet we live in.

We recognise that operating sustainably makes absolute business sense for many reasons but ultimately it enables us to take better control of our environmental liabilities and reduce our own environmental impact and reduce many costs associated with delivering our service and hopefully encourage other businesses to take the same path.

Our move to 100% electric cars is an important milestone towards achieving our goals.

This morning we had our two Teslas delivered.


Ceba go green - electric cars