Breakfast – the most important meal of the day! But whether your serving breakfast from your cafe, bar, restaurant or canteen, you’d be surprised at how many people get it wrong. Here are some of our top tips to make sure you nail breakfast service every single day.

Clear Labels & Menus

Making options as clear as possible to customers is very beneficial to a smooth breakfast service. If you provide a breakfast ‘buffet’, ensuring every item on display is labelled correctly with a list of ingredients can be the difference between selling out and wasting stock. The same goes for menus, making your breakfast menu as clear as possible in an easy to read and understand format is essential to a well-executed breakfast service. Customers will know exactly what to expect, reducing the number of dishes that are sent back to the kitchen.

A Helping Hand

Variety is great, but if your breakfast menu is vast, it could mean your customers end up with a breakfast they aren’t too keen on. You can avoid this problem by providing impeccable front of house service, helping customers choose the perfect morning meal. Even talking through menu options and allowing time for questions about dietary requirements and dislikes can improve a diner’s experience with you.

Healthier Options

There is no denying consumers are more health conscious now than ever! This doesn’t mean that you need to change your entire approach to breakfast, but adding a healthier option could bring a larger audience through the door. Healthier breakfast options are usually much quicker to prep and serve than a fry up so it won’t cause too much trouble for the kitchen.

Set The Mood

Chances are you’ll be serving breakfast in the same location you do lunch or dinner. It’s nice to change the ambience of the room depending on the time of day and atmosphere you are trying to create. This can also change during the week, you may want to create more of an alert atmosphere on a Monday morning than you would on a Sunday.

The Kitchen

It’s important that we don’t forget about the most vital part of breakfast service, your kitchen and the people working in it. Organisation is key for a flawless breakfast service. Everything from your ingredients, to prep and plating, needs to be planned to the final detail to avoid a build-up of orders in the kitchen and a stressful breakfast service. Your commercial kitchen design and equipment can also have a huge impact on your morning. Find an easy to use layout and equipment that is going to make the kitchen team’s lives much easier.

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