Success, your commercial kitchen design has been approved, the layout is just as you desire, and your space is suitable for all your staff without everyone tripping over each other but have you considered your commercial catering equipment?

Without decent investment in your catering equipment, it could mean your business might not last very long! The food you prepare is only as good as the equipment you prepare it on, making the equipment one of your biggest investments – but this investment can be costly.

To ensure you have the highest quality pieces without leaving yourself with any financial risk, you can opt to rent or lease your catering equipment – where your payments are split over a short or long-term agreement and the payments are a fixed rate paid monthly or weekly.

What catering equipment can be leased?

Generally, larger items of kitchen equipment are leased or rented from ice machines, refrigerators and refrigerator equipment, warewashers to freezers and hot cupboards – these are generally more expensive to buy outright so leasing can lower outgoing costs substantially. Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider renting or leasing some of your commercial kitchen equipment:

Top-of-the-range equipment at an affordable price.

Essential for your business – as mentioned above, the food you prepare is only as good as the equipment you prepare it on, by renting your equipment you have access to higher quality machines that will inevitably mean your food will look and taste better. Your food is your business, you should be investing wisely.


Keeping money in reserve is not such a bad idea these days, we all know how the industry and businesses have been affected over the last few years, and there are still uncertain times ahead, so having some funds in the bank can offer you peace of mind should you need it. Renting or leasing your kitchen equipment allows you the flexibility to keep some cash aside.

On the flip side, if business demand increases and you find yourself needing to swap out and upgrade your equipment this can be easily done, with minimal disruption.

Easy to replace.

Your commercial kitchen equipment will be in constant use, dishwashers and glasswashers especially, meaning they will need regular maintenance and repair. Although designed for heavy use, the lifespan of any kitchen equipment will be limited – with a lease agreement, you know that if anything goes wrong, your kitchen equipment can be replaced.

If you decide to rent or lease your commercial kitchen equipment there are things you should be aware of and check:

  • How long will the rental agreement last and the full terms and conditions
  • Will the repayment change or be set

We can offer you advice on any of your commercial kitchen equipment – contact us today.