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Tag: restaurant

Should I Charge a Deposit for Table Bookings?

20 Aug 2023

We’re seeing deposits for table bookings becoming more and more popular, with many restaurants choosing this option to protect themselves from no-show diners. According to the ResDiary Industry Report 2023, between January 2023 and February 2923, 5% of confirmed bookings resulted in no-shows, costing the average restaurant £1,325 during this period. That’s a total of £8,000 for the year!

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Why Should I Invest in a Commercial Kitchen, Restaurant and Bar Design?

10 Aug 2023

Investing in a well-designed commercial kitchen, restaurant, and bar is an essential foundation that supports the success of your business. And you want a strong base right? You want customers to enter your establishment and think straight away, ok these guys know exactly how to set the mood, and a sophisticated or vibrant or romantic evening is exactly what I’m going to get. With online reviews pretty much making or breaking a restaurant, you want to make the best impression possible, so let’s get into the importance of a good design.

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From Slow to Thriving: How to Unlock your Restaurant Success in Quiet Periods

23 Jul 2023

We all know that running a restaurant can be full of highs and lows in customer flow. However, lots of restaurants and cafes are still struggling to book tables during quiet hours or days, this could be down to the ongoing recovery of the economy. We thought we would discuss ways to unlock hidden potential during quiet moments and utilise your space to get some extra revenue through the door.

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Future-Proofing Your Restaurant

4 May 2022

It is imperative that each and every restaurant invests in future-proofing their business offering – we are all very used to take-aways and deliveries but in the modern world we live in you must look at enhancing your in-house dining experience whilst simultaneously increasing your presence in other channels. 

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